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Take voice and music lessons from a professional the maestro himself jazz, composer,  "Harvey Cummings II" 

Executive Director
Harvey Cummings Music & Consulting Group
2012 – Present (4 years)Charlotte
Charlotte native Harvey Cummings II is an award winning saxophonist, pianist, songwriter and producer. His unique sound blends Jazz, Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul and R&B to create an incredible listening experience. He was the keyboardist for the popular band Sol Fusion and is currently touring the country. He is also the pianist/saxophonist for his band The Harvey Cummings Project.  Since graduating from North Carolina Central University, Harvey’s music has been featured on Cartoon Network’s “The Boondocks” and commercials for Allen Edmonds Shoes.  He also produced a new jazz CD Chicken Day which is still a big hit on the jazz circuit. 
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